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About Lucknow In Style


Lucknow In Style brings a fresh perspective on the craft of Lucknow Chikankari balancing age-old legacy with contemporary fashion. Lucknow In Style brought together the finest artisans who were otherwise getting drawn to other professions, to craft breathtaking chikankari designs on finest fabrics, which became a delightful appreciation for the cognoscente. To break the monotony of chikankari on a dress, a fusion of ‘Zardozi’, ‘Aari’, ‘Abla’ and 'Kaamdani' with 'Muqaish' is put together to enhance the beauty of the product.


Lucknow In Style took their customer’s chikankari experience to newer heights by transforming its retail outlet to a sprawling showroom decorated in a real-time Lucknawi ambience, complementing their large collection of chikankari designer wear. Lucknow In Style opened its windows to the world through an online store not only to diversify into myriad cultures but also to educate people about this art 'Chikankari' which is only manufactured in Lucknow and not replicated worldwide.


Lucknow In Style aim as a company has been to deliver this unique handicraft globally at Lucknowi prices at everyone’s doorstep while ensuring they get an opportunity to enjoy the complete experience of Lucknawi Chikankari. This effort extends to support the 30,000+ women artisans that are associated with Lucknow In Style to ensure they have an equal opportunity at self reliance and financial independence.

Mrs. Archana Baranwaal

Founder and Managing Director

Her commitment to revive, sustain and empower the Chikankari Craft led her to bring together a team of 'kashidakars' (embroiderers) to actively practice certain stitches which were declining towards oblivion, ensuring application of the best and latest marketing techniques to map this craft globally, and in the process, empowering them to improve their standard of living.

Our flagship store covers a wide range of products across categories. We re-create an elaborate all-encompassing ambience at our store to enhance our customer’s shopping experience while picking out their favourite Lucknowi outfit or accessory.

Lucknow In Style is proud to share that we are associated with over 30,000+ artisans and have already delivered Lucknowi craft products to over 10,000 pin codes within India and to over 60 countries globally.


Join us as reseller for your business.

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